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Beginning to taste the sourness of relationship

So you are beginning to taste the sourness of relationship, of course everybody knows the sweetness of relationships too, but their is also lot of sourness unfortunately today  we have take this from the west again, that if you have to be in relationship people were generally thinking about body based relationship, or in a some way it must be between man and woman or what ever else. No, relationship can be of many kind, if their is body based relationship, usually the excitement about each other body will die after some time, what you thought was ultimate, while it will not be ultimate, it's natural, that you began to grow out of it, then when the main draw which brought people together it's melting away without knowing why they start getting unpleasant with each other, because essentially relationship is towards extracting sweetness from another person.

 Extracting happiness from another person, if you try to squeeze joy out of somebody after some time you find that it doesn't happen as the same result as you get in the beginning, some bitterness will begin, it is important when you are young, certain thing may happen as you start growing older. When i say older it means from yesterday to today you are older.So today you must be thinking of that relationship that you hold in the life not necessarily in term of biological relationship, any kind of relationship that you hold, if relationship is based in the experience of your joy NOT on extraction of joy for this you become joyful of your nature of it first a fall. If you focus on this that you are an exuberant flow of joy if it so, and your relationship is only about of sharing this then you don't about to worry about normal circus which go through people in term of relationship.
Managing relationship means in day today life a relationship may not stay in just one are of life one people are together they will have to share many thing, naturally you will start stepping on each other toe for many many small things that happens, because of this their will be many interaction or you can even say this thing as a halt in may cases.All this you can not handle, people think they can handle but some time you can not manage.
The best thing is to mange yourself in that way, that you are a natural exuberant joy helpful being. So, relationship will happen and relationship will not be need base. When relationship is need base, if what you need do not come. You will start complaining and you will start felling bitter that what you or suppose to get is not getting. If you eliminate this need with in you that, you are natural overflow of joy. If this one thing you do you will have fabulous relationship with every kind of people. They do not need to be your kind, with all short of people you can have a great relationship  

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